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Magic Pen acoustic and light locator is used during both educational and therapeutic classes conducted at educational institutions, specialist and psychological-pedagogical counseling centres as well as orthoptical offices. Ii constitutes an additional element of educational and graphomotor classes as well as strabismus therapy, enriching them through a different activity form. Children like working with Magic Pen acoustic and light locator as it constitutes a form of reward in part of the classes. The age group includes pre-school and school children.

The main task of the acoustic and light locator is developing perceptual skills, shaping the correct grasp of a writing tool as well as shaping the knowledge of spelling rules and knowledge of numbers and letters in younger children. It constitutes one of the optometric training tools for persons with visual impairments. Magic Pen affects several senses at the same time (sight, hearing, kinaesthetic sense) as well as supports the correct development of eye-hand coordination. The correct combination of visual and auditory sensations with the coordination of hand movements is of key importance in the development of learning, reading and writing abilities. In case of persons with low vision, the device may be used for exercises aimed at improving eye fixation and, consequently, improving visual acuity in the eye.

Magic Pen is equipped with a special tip with a sensor resembling a pen.
 The mounted diode emits modulated light so that the device is not sensitive to external lighting that could disturb its operation. A speaker built into the central unit allows to change the pitch and volume of the sound informing about the mistake made by the person exercising, consisting in the pen exiting the line or contour of the figure being drawn. The sound signal is accompanied with the diode lighting up on the pen and the device. Apart from adjusting alarm signals, we may modify the sensitivity of the device, which allows to adjust the level of difficulty to the user's skills and increase this level as the user makes progress. The acoustic and light locator reacts to a white or black background regardless of the substrate structure, so it can be used to detect elements on paper, fabric, wall, etc. Boards which can be printed on plain paper with any type of printer or copier are available for free in order to work with Magic Pen. Specialists using Magic Pen may develop and print their own boards, which will best suit the needs and abilities of children under their care. The boards can be attached to the board with magnets, training gross motor skills in this way, or used at the desk, training fine motor skills. We may also use generally available books for children and youth, posters or other materials in order to work with Magic Pen acoustic and light locator, depending on the needs.

Thanks to the triangular cap included in the set, the child who has an incorrect grasp of a writing tool can consolidate the correct movement pattern during the exercises, which is necessary to draw letters in a legible manner. This cap is also used so that the hand does not become excessively fatigued during a longer period of writing. Both right- and left-handed children may work with Magic Pen acoustic and light locator.

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An interactive pen with an additional handle equipped with a triangular interchangeable cap for right- and left-handed children, a set of 5 printed boards (the remaining boards may be downloaded here), a power supply with a transformer ensuring work safety, headphones, an instruction manual in English, one-year manufacturer's warranty.  

Magic Pen is a low-current device, which is safe to use. It is CE certified.





 NOTE   Shaping attention focus.
  Improving auditory attention.
  Combining visual and auditory attention.
 MEMORY   Shaping short-term memory.
  Supporting the development of sequential, auditory and visual memory.

a) auditory

  Shaping information coding and decoding skills.
  Improving auditory analysis and synthesis.

b) visual

  Shaping eye-hand coordination.
  Shaping visual analysis and synthesis.
  Consolidating the knowledge of letters and punctuation marks.
  Improving eye fixation and, consequently, improving visual acuity in the eye.

c) kinaesthetic and motor  

  Supporting and improving the development of fine motor skills (wrist, fingers).
  Shaping a pincer grasp (wrist, fingers).
  Supporting and improving the development of gross motor skills (elbow joint, shoulder joint).
  Stimulating proprioception.
  Shaping the correct grasp of a writing tool.
  Improving motor planning (praxis).
  Shaping eye-hand coordination.
  Shaping the writing automation process.
 MATHEMATICAL COMPETENCE   Consolidating the knowledge of digits and numbers.
  Consolidating characteristic features and formulas of basic geometric figures.
  Shaping spatial orientation. 


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